A circular walk from Churwell to New Farnley

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This is an enjoyable and varied circular walk from Churwell, taking in Gildersome, Nan Whins Wood, and New Farnley. You could, of course, join the walk anywhere on the route and return to your starting point.

From the Ibbetsons, follow the ginnel to Rooms Lane and cross the motorway bridge. Bear right down the tree-covered section and emerge on Gelderd Road.

Cross the road and turn right towards Leeds, then enter a field through a hole in the hedge. Skirt the field, keeping the trees on your right, until you reach a narrow footbridge, which you should cross.

Bear left, and follow the footpath through several gates, steadily climbing until you reach an open area near a farm gate. You will have a good view across farmland towards Wortley.

Pass through the gate and bear left at the fork along the path until you emerge in a residential area and come to a tee junction. Turn right along Spring View and continue past an embankment to your left.

Take one of the paths leading diagonally to your left across the grass onto Springbank Crescent. Follow the road around, keeping right until you are able to enter Suffield Drive park.

Bear left and cross the park keeping the houses on your left, then pass through a gap in the trees. Once through, head diagonally to your right and enter the new housing estate. Turn left and follow the street out to the main road, and turn right on Gildersome Lane.

Walk around 300 metres to a signposted public footpath on the left. Take the footpath and cross the field until you emerge on Whitehall Road. Cross the road and continue the footpath through farmland. Continue straight ahead, crossing another footpath at right angles until you descend some steps and reach a metal footbridge.

Cross the footbridge and turn right following the stream, Tong Beck. A well trodden path leads you north east until you reach another crossing point to your right. A path zig-zags uphill, up a flight of stairs until you reach a bridleway. Turn left for a short distance until you cross a bridge and can take a footpath to your right. This takes you on a path with a field to your left, which emerges on Back Lane.

Cross Back Lane near a metal bench and continue the footpath through grazing land until you emerge on Low Moorside. Bear left and follow the road through a residential area and reach a park on your left. Turn right into Wolley Avenue and continue to the main road.

Across the road, slightly to your left, a stile takes you across grazing land and to a private road. Turn left and follow the road until you arrive at a gate across the road with a smaller gate to the right.

Go through the smaller gate and follow the track through some trees, over a stile and into a field. Follow the left-hand edge of the field to the bottom where some fishing ponds are visible to the left. Pass through the gate and head diagonally across the field to the access road. Follow the road downhill towards Gelderd Road.

Turn right onto Gelderd road and continue for 150 meters then turn left under a disused railway bridge. Follow the track uphill past two smallholdings and go through a tunnel under the motorway.

Skirt the field to your right, pass over a wooden footbridge and emerge back on Ibbetson Oval where you started from.

Download a GPX track of the walk

You can download many apps from the Apple or Google Play stores that can import the GPX track and guide you.